How to create a new project

See all steps for create project in less than 10 minutes
Create an account on
Click to Add New Project
Choose your server configuration. Start with BASIC, you can easily update later.
Give name and description to your Project - Choose server location and options
Add your credit card information Choose to pay monthly or anualy
The install take between 5 to 10 min for create your project
Your project is ready, Click to Modify for see the project details
AppID, Key, Urls, Login & Password are available here You can also :
  • Restart the server,
  • Re-install the server,
  • Delete the server,
  • Configure all services (Twilio, MailGun, Stripe, Push-notification...)
  • Customize the back-office (logo, color, language)
  • Add you own javascript server code with Cloud-code
When you choose to restart or re-install the server, you don't loose your datas from the database or your cloud code.