How to create a custom module

First go to

If you don't know your back-office login & password click to "Modify" and copy the URL to a new page.

Connect to the back-office

On a left menu, go to : Configuration >> Modules

Click on green button Add new

Add Module Title (name appear in Back-office) Add Module Name (database classe name) Click on green button Create

Your module is now visible in module liste. Now we must add custom field inside Click to yellow button Edit

Click on Module custom fields

Here yo can see all fields inside your module. Id, Created at and Updated at are default fields from mongoDB document. Click to Add New button for add a new custom field

The database, only manages 9 types of fields. You can change the type of a field in the back-office at any time, as long as it remains in the same database category (Array, String, Date, Number, File, Pointer, Boolean, ...) Exemple : You can change Text to Email or Phone... But you cannot change Text to Array

You can organize the display order of fields by Drag & Drop You can choose is a field is :

  • Compulsory

  • Visible only by super-admin in back-office

  • Unique

  • Visible in filter

  • Visible in module form (create or edit)

  • Visible in module listing

For generate your custom module you must click on button Generate

Your custom module is now ready to use You can acces directly from left menu

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